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Become an Aloha Partner, join our community of independent distributors and start generating as much as 45% commission over sales.

What is

Aloha Partner Program

We offer to our partners to gain the freedom to work at their own pace while creating and growing a network of like-minded people, earning results for sales made.

How it works?

1. Apply

Fill out the registration form. We take between 2 and 5 business days to approve your application.

2. Agreement

Once you are approved, the Aloha Partner  agreement will be sent to you for digital signature.

3. Sales Kit

You will receive a sales kit with everything you need to start selling and generating revenue.

4. Start!

You will become part of a community led by our specialists in which you will receive constant coaching and sales support. 

How to monetize with Aloha

Consumer Sales

Take advantage of your acquaintances, social networks, personal blog, or even a personalized QR code and receive commission for all the people who subscribe using your code/link.

Your referrals will receive 10% discount

You will get 10% commission

Business Sales

Focus on companies that care about their employees. Achieve sales at the corporate level and receive high commissions. Best of all, we can support you in the process.

Get a commission for your involvement in each step of the commercial cycle:

Referral Fee

Opportunity identified

Presentation + Approval

Closed deal

Refer other Partners

Refer new partners to our program and receive commissions for what they sell and what their referrals sell, up to 10 levels deep.

Unlimited amount of partners you can refer and earn from

Get 20% commission for what you sell, and 5% for all sales your partners in your first level makes.

Get up to 45% aggregate commission

Partner Testimonial

Find out why our Partners love to work with Aloha!

Partner Testimonial

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Why Aloha?

Join these companies that trust their mental health in us


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