A morning routine that will boost your productivity

Key takeaways.

(Be sure to read the article. You will learn techniques for each point).

  • Organizing a morning routine according to the time available will increase your productivity by activating your metabolism and improving the effectiveness of your tasks.
  • Benefits of a morning routine. Successful people prioritize taking care of body and mind in the morning, which boosts body and brain functioning, generating well-being and focus.
  • Start the morning routine. Choose a suitable time to get up, and start with activities that motivate you, such as listening to music that activates your alertness and improves your mood.
  • Steps to a morning routine. Take advantage of the first hour or two after waking up to perform the following activities:
    • Hydration. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach to activate your metabolism.
    • Sunlight exposure. Observe sunlight to activate cortisol secretion and regulate sleep cycles.
    • Stretching and breathing exercises. Improve your circulation and posture with stretching and breathing routines.
    • Physical activity. Get 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise to improve your endurance and longevity.
  • Take time to organize and focus for the day. Write down your tasks, do automatic writing, repeat positive affirmations, and read to educate yourself.
  • Getting up earlier and following a routine will increase productivity in the short term. Be flexible as you find the pattern that best suits your tastes, personality, and time availability.


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    A morning routine that will boost your productivity

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    Morning routine to improve productivity

    You can organize a morning routine to increase productivity, depending on your available time. There are habits to activate your metabolism and perform your tasks more effectively. The activities we suggest in this text will make your days more dynamic and profitable.

    A winning morning routine 3Even so, organizing, fulfilling, and maintaining a morning routine is complex. First, we tend to wake up with just enough time to get ready, eat, and transport ourselves to work or to meet a commitment. In addition, it is a challenge to get up early and maintain the discipline to repeat the established plans.

    Not every day is the same, and we don’t wake up in the same mood. Having options for morning routines can simplify this process. With several possibilities, you can try out the activities that best fit your daily routine and personality. This way, you can choose habits that give you the best results and establish practices that increase productivity.

    What is a morning routine?

    A morning routine is the best way to maximize the time available. The most successful people in the world tend to take care of their bodies and minds in the mornings, as they have little space. Good habits help boost the body’s functioning and the possibilities of the human brain.

    For starters, using the first few hours of the day to care for yourself inspires a sense of well-being and satisfaction. In particular, when you get up for self-discipline and purpose, you maintain a clear vision throughout the day. It takes on special meaning because you are doing it to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

    Secondly, by establishing appropriate activities, you can master new skills, organize your day, and improve your physical fitness. These benefits, among others, affect the productivity and effectiveness with which you face your daily tasks. Therefore, we will recommend to you how to organize a morning routine.

    How to start your morning routine to improve productivity?

    To start, choose the right time to get up. For example, if you must leave the house at 8 a.m., set your alarm for 6:00 a.m. That way, you’ll have an hour or two to get active. If you squeeze in more time in the morning, it’s ideal, as you’ll be able to try and fit more healthy habits into your day.

    The best way is to do something you enjoy, such as listening to music that motivates you and helps you get into an alert state to tackle the day, a radio column, or a podcast. Listening to alpha or beta-wave music in the morning positively impacts mood, emotions, and quality of life.

    The time for your routine can vary according to your daily availability. However, focus on getting up as soon as the alarm goes off and start with one of the following activities. You can also do them one at a time in the order they are listed.

    1. Drink water and hydrate.

    Drinking a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach activates your metabolism and prepares your brain to be active during the day. Starting your day by hydrating your body is a practice that has several benefits. Add half a lemon and some cayenne pepper to cleanse your digestive system. It will take about 5 minutes in the morning.

    2. Get some sunlight.

    Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman recommends observing the sunlight in the morning when it is less intense. Stand looking directly at the sun and receive its light, close your eyes, and blink if it is painful. Watching the sunlight for five minutes activates the secretion of cortisol. This substance activates the brain and prepares you to function at peak performance.

    The human metabolism activates a state of alertness when it perceives light in the environment. This activity helps the body to regulate sleep cycles better so you can have a restful night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you wake up without sunlight, turning on artificial lights at home can produce a similar effect.

    3. Activate your circulation by stretching and practicing breathing exercises.

    A winning morning routine 4A stretching and breathing routine relaxes your body and improves your posture. Fifteen minutes of stretching and breathing benefits your cardiovascular flow and can eliminate aches and pains. Yoga, Pilates, or Tai-chi routines help align your energy and keep you calm throughout the day.

    4. Be physically active.

    Getting 30 minutes to an hour of cardiovascular activity – running, brisk walking, or cycling – has multiple benefits. People who engage in cardiovascular activity tend to live longer and be more resilient. To do it properly, you can accompany your exercise with music designed for it in Aloharmony, where you will find hundreds of guided programs that, we assure you, will make you perform better in your walks and jogs.

    Organize your day and focus

    After doing these four activities, you should have spent an hour or an hour and a half of the day. You should have half an hour or an hour to add more activities. This section will focus on paperwork, that is, reading and writing.

    Writing is a way to project our unconscious and keep track of our daily goals. Depending on the intention, writing can release stress by organizing and releasing thoughts on paper. On the other hand, reading allows you to feed your repertoire of ideas and tools in problem-solving.

    • Write down and categorize the day’s tasks. Use 10 to 20 minutes to plan your day in detail. List the goals you want to accomplish for the day and prioritize them. When you start your day, focus your energy on the most urgent and vital tasks. Keep in mind that the day goes by quickly and that it is normal for unforeseen events to happen that take time away from us. Therefore, each day, set three things of medium size and effort you must accomplish. If you have tasks that last more than a day, divide them into smaller ones, and you will surely be able to achieve them.
    • Do a few minutes of automatic writing. This technique is a way to put down on paper all the thoughts that weigh you down and limit you. The idea is to write without overthinking; this text will not be published or read by others. You should not worry about the structure or the form. Julia Cameron recommends this technique to activate creativity.
    • Write an affirmation ten times. Productivity depends a lot on maintaining a positive attitude towards life. One way to activate a proactive mind is to write a positive thought several times. If done consciously, these affirmations will accompany you throughout the day and become a mantra. We also recommend listening to music tracks with positive affirmations throughout the day on Aloharmony.
    • Read a few pages of an enriching book. It is advisable to be constantly reading. Reading is a way to update yourself in your area of work. There is nothing like keeping a learning attitude towards life. Reading a few pages a day will bring you new knowledge and help you face life from other perspectives.

    Each of these activities can take between 10 and 20 minutes. Depending on your day and availability, you can try each one. These exercises will help you manage time and regulate your thoughts and emotions. To achieve greater productivity, order, creativity, and self-control are fundamental.

    Establish a daily morning routine to improve productivity and enrich your life.

    Remember, getting up two hours earlier than usual will let you establish a winning morning routine to improve productivity. With these activities, you will see results in a short time. However, you can include more activities and personal growth tools as you build your habits.

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