The brain is an electrochemical organ made up of approximately 100 trillion cells called neurons that are connected to each other forming a complex network through which neurons communicate with each other by means of electrical impulses, which when sent simultaneously generate what we know as Brain Waves, since their voltage rises and falls like a wave. The brain is capable of generating up to 10 watts of electrical energy. Estos impulsos eléctricos cambian de acuerdo a lo que estas haciendo, pensando y sintiendo en cada momento y son la raíz de todos tus pensamientos, emociones y comportamientos. Las ondas cerebrales tienen diferentes velocidades o frecuencias de vibración, cada frecuencia esta relacionada con diferentes estados de consciencia y atención que van desde el sueño profundo, la tranquilidad, la actividad diaria, los estados de aprendizaje o solución de problemas, la ansiedad, la angustia y la rabia hasta la paz espiritual, la meditación, la felicidad, el estado de abundancia, el amor, la alegría y todos los demás estados de atención, consciencia y emociones que tenemos los seres humanos. La velocidad o frecuencia de vibración de las ondas eléctricas cerebrales se mide en ciclos por segundo, es decir, cuantas señales eléctricas produce el cerebro cada segundo. El símbolo que describe esta velocidad de vibración por segundo es llamado Hertz o de manera abreviada ” Hz “. Todos y cada uno de estos estados de consciencia están directamente relacionados con una frecuencia especifica de vibración de las ondas cerebrales. Las vibraciones eléctricas del cerebro están divididas en cinco diferentes ” bandas de frecuencia” o rangos de velocidades de vibración, que van desde ondas lentas hasta ondas rápidas, cada una de ellas esta relacionada con estados específicos de consciencia y atención, estas son:

Delta Waves - 0.5 to 3 Hz

They are the slowest, and are generated in the deepest states of meditation and when you sleep without dreaming.

In this state you disconnect from the consciousness of the outside world and enter into a deep state of healing and inner regeneration, this is an essential state for your healing processes.

Theta Waves - 3 to 8 Hz

They occur while you are extremely relaxed, or are beginning to fall asleep or wake up, as well as when you are in a state of deep meditation. In this state our senses turn away from the outside world and focus on the signals originating from within, generating dreams, intense images and intuition.

In this state is where you store the material of your fears and problems, but it is also the door to learning and memory, as well as hypnosis and mental reprogramming.

Alpha Waves - 8 to 12 Hz

They are present when you are calm and at the same time alert, in which your thoughts run smoothly and calmly, but at the same time it is not a state of meditation but a state of rest of your brain in which you are calmly in the present.

This state can be perceived as sublime, floating, light, peaceful and calm, it is a state that helps mental coordination, calmness, integration of mind and body and learning. In this state you can achieve the best performance in your activities.

Beta Waves - 12 to 38 Hz

These waves dominate your normal waking state, when your attention is directed toward tasks in the outside world.

Beta is associated with rapid brain activity, present when you are alert, attentive, solving problems, evaluating situations and making decisions, when you are immersed and focused in mental activities.

The Beta state should not be maintained for too long as it consumes a large amount of brain energy.

Gamma Waves - 38 to 42 Hz

These are the fastest and highest frequency waves, in which the brain processes and consolidates information simultaneously in different areas. They are associated with the formation of ideas, language, memory storage and various types of learning processes.

These waves pass through the brain so fast that you have to be calm to be able to connect with them.

The Gamma state is also related to expanded consciousness and spirituality.